I’ll be a thorn in your side

Maybe we can find a decent place when I’m old enough.


Collapsing New People (Berlin Mix) by Fad Gadget and Einstürzende Neubauten.


From Her To Eternity

Nick Cave photographed by Marina, The Bad Seeds photographed by Jessamy Calkin.

Fierce eyebrows were obviously required to be a Bad Seed.

Can you release Black Sabbath: Master of Reality as an ebook?


You’re asking the wrong guy! I am not the publisher! Though if I were a superhero or supervillain I think maybe The Publisher would be my identity. Maybe it would be like The Watcher, neither hero nor villain but just some weird dude who shows up in the heat of battle and says, hey, I know this is gonna seem weird, given that you’re all battling and everything, but I just published these books, you should check ‘em out, good stuff here

and then he leaves some books on a table near the scene of the battle and vanishes in a puff of smoke

Let They Who Seek Knowledge Trace The Movements Of…The Publisher

Too good.

Too good.

Oh I could write a song about the way you say goodnight.

Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me

Hello darlin’

Valentine, I killed my Valentine.